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Concern Citizens of Cook County is a Nonprofit Organization with a Tax Exempt Status  501(c) (3) Status recognize by the State of Illinois and the Internal Revenue Code that can receive Charitable Contributions from its donors for tax-deductible purpose.


We are a charitable nonprofit social service organization that provides social programs with a primary focus on preventing unceasing gun violence taking place in the African American communities in the cities of America.

Prevention of Youth and Gang Violence Prevention: Sponsoring a Gang Summit in August of 1992 on the South Side of Chicago where community leaders, gang leaders, ministers of various churches and members of the Chicago Police Department came together to discuss how we as a community can put an end to the slaying of our young black men and women and children in the streets of Chicago.

We have also participated in various marches held in different cities of America as in the city of Los Angeles held in 1998 called "Drive By Agony" to put an end to drive-by shootings that were being perpetrated on the children and youth of Los Angeles, California.

We have led marches on the City of Chicago in 2009 titled Stop And Think Before You Shoot to bring attention to the hundreds of youth being killed on a daily basis in the City of Chicago.

We have been involved in numerous programs since our inception in 1992
Our programs

Proud Black Kings Awards was founded in 2020 to honor young men thriving in school, building their community and/or excelling in arts and entertainment.  We appreciate you and want to support the future generations of the world.

In 2011 we facilitated a food drive by providing Thanksgiving  Dinners to at-risk Youth and Families.

In 2012 our organization sponsored a program call Feast For Peace where we invited all the members of Gang affiliations to come together to sit at the table of brotherly love to sign a Peace Treaty to end the senseless violence that was taking place in the community. 

Our upcoming youth center will provide counseling, drug rehabilitation, literacy learning programs, HIV prevention, counseling and education, unplanned pregnancy counseling, job employment programs. We will also provide temporary homeless shelter for those in need of food and housing.   

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